le book is now free
le book is from now on free to use for personal and commercial use and compatible with Cinema 4D R21.
le book is a Cinema 4D asset that allows you to make sophisticated renderings of your books and magazines without any expert knowledge.

© VG-Bildkunst Bonn, Sebastian Kuhn, Design: 2xGoldstein+Fronczek

Ease of Use

All settings of le book are accessible in one place. This makes it particularly easy to make adjustments. Many of these settings contain help texts to get you going quickly and most of the changes are visible in real time in the editor.
As a guideline you can use the presets clustered all over this site. Wherever you see this icon you can copy a string to the clipboard and then paste it into your project to apply all settings.

  • Connector.


    Set the height, width and thickness of the book. Export the textures for the open pages from your favorite layout application like Adobe Indesign. more

  • Connector.


    Use one of the delivered materials, have a look at your Cinema 4D Content Brwoser or make your own material. more

  • Connector.


    Change the camera settings. Let the book hover or stand at an angle. Advanced users can alter aperture and other settings. more

  • Connector.


    Adjust the lighting. more

  • Connector.


    Choose from three Rendersettings and different render size presets and start rendering. more

To give an impression on the ease of use of le book take a look at the Quickstart Guide.

Dynamic Preview

Nearly every change you do to the settings can be previewed in realtime in the editor. This makes editing settings such as the highlight position faster and more reliable.
However it is not possible to render complex lighting and shadow in the editor. That’s why I’ve included a fast preset rendering.

Complete control

le book comes preconfigured. 65 possible settings leave no wishes unfulfilled. le book is so fine-tuned that incorrect settings can hardly be made.
All settings are as far as possible modeled on real units. And in case something goes horribly wrong (le book is virtually open source), the asset can be easily reset or downloaded again.

If you’re not satisfied with the settings provided: the “Edit Mode” allows you to freely change the underlying rigs and controllers.

You decide: maximum control and ultimate comfort.

  • Aperture 22

  • Aperture 1
  • Softcover
  • Hardcover

  • 0,8 cm thickness
  • 2,2 cm thickness

  • Chance of individually colored pages 0 %
  • chance of individually colored pages 100 %

Professional results

le book contains everything – except Cinema 4D – what you need for an excellent rendering of your layout. It takes into account printed and unprinted areas, translucent pages and much more. Floor materials are supplied, the scene is always perfectly illuminated. The materials come with complex procedural shaders and high-resolution textures.
Have a look at what others made with le book:

Anna Cairns by Victoria Langmann

“Über Mut und Übermut” by Larissa Mantel

© VG-Bildkunst Bonn, Sebastian Kuhn, Design: 2xGoldstein+Fronczek

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le book

Single license for private and commercial use. One rate for self-employed graphic designers, agencies and publishers. Reduced price for students in the subjects of Arts & Design.

le book is free for personal and commercial use.