Current version


You need at least Cinema 4D R16, “studio” or “student”.
Unfortunately Cinema 4D R16 lacks support for individually tinted pages. This is only possible from version R17.
For registering le book you will need a working internet connection.
With Cinema 4D open, you will find the installed and registered version under “Help” -> “Personalize” or “Help” -> “About”.
This is mostly due to missing OpenGL capabilities of the graphics card and the faulty and often outdated OpenGL stack in Mac OS X. OpenGL then outsources certain operations on the CPU, resulting in a stuttering mouse cursor. I recommend to set the editor quality to low (README / register / presets -> Advanced -> Editor quality).
A known Bug in Cinema 4D R16.011 (Build RB107079) stops the inner book from being displayed correctly. Check Cinema 4D for Updates.

If you have any questions or problems related to the le book asset, please first visit the documentation and make sure you are using the latest version of le book and Cinema 4D.
If you don’t find help for your problem, feel free to contact me via this form or mail.